Our Company was originally started in 1967 by two men who are now retired.  Rod Haynes, became an employee in 1972, and after working through various positions, became a co-owner in 1980.  After enjoying the boom of the early eighties, the oilfield again busted and I became sole owner in 1986.

C & H Bit has been in the bit business continuously since 1967.  The road through booms and busts hasn’t been an easy one, but by staying dedicated to quality workmanship and ethical business practices, we have maintained a steady customer base.

We have a full line of new and quality rebuilt PDC, Tricone, and Blade Bits for use in the oilfield, waterwell, and mining applications. We maintain an inventory in excess of 10,000 drill bits in an effort to supply all of our customers needs.  We have a full service repair shop where we do all of our own repair, ensuring the quality of workmanship.

We have been doing business globally for 15 years and we welcome business from our International customers.